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Transform Your Life 

Raising Your Energy Vibe 

We all know the importance of maintaining our car, our home, our possessions and our physical body; however we often forget or ignore the importance of maintaining the energetic side of our existence.

Through my guidance and support, you can start raising your vibe today and allow yourself to rest, relax, restore and replenish. When “life” happens we can get thrown into tailspins and get stuck “spinning our wheels”.

So no matter the reason, be it for anxiety reduction, relaxation, life balance, learning new tools to help you through life, working towards positive shifts in your life or wanting to take action to a more empowered you, I am here ready to support you on your unique journey.

Products / Services Offered:

All you have to do is to contact me at any time you wish. I proudly ship orders worldwide, including the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge areas of Ontario.

Reiki – (Usui / Shambella / Arcturian) 

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life-force Energy”. It is a nonintrusive, deep healing modality that uses spiritual energy to balance mind, body and spirit. It is highly recommended but not limited to purposes of deep relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction. It helps to shift energetic imbalances in the body, chakras, meridians, auric field and troubled emotions.

Reiki also often feels like a wonderful radiance of peaceful energy flowing through the body. It is a simple technique with powerful results. The only requirement of the client is to lie on the table and relax.

Reiki benefits all ages.

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BEYOND Reiki sessions incorporate additional healing modalities plus a post session where Dee gently shares with you anything she observed/experienced energetically during the session like chakras, energy flow/blocks, channelled messages and guidance from our highest good guide team which can include but not limited to archangels, ascended masters and loved ones that have crossed over.

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Empowered Energetics (EE)

Developed by Master Becky Kimes, the goals of Empowered Energetics (EE) are to delete the root reasons, causes, sources, triggers and conditions of energy imbalances, old limiting stories and disempowering beliefs while simultaneously limit the influence of the mind or ego.

Making shifts through EE allows you to operate and live more fully from the perspective of unlimited potential of your Higher Self. As you delete the stories of the mind, you delete the limitations the mind creates and profound shifts can indeed happen.

EE is beneficial for all ages and all aspects of life that create weak energy – money, relationships, career,
health etc.

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Arcturian Healing Light/Activations

Arcturian Healing Light is an intelligent healing energy from Divine Galactic beings, who are Master Healers and are actively partnering with humanity to bring more advanced healing and light technologies to Earth.

Benefits of receiving AHL can be to help you connect yourself more fully to your Life Path and expression of your Divine Gifts, helping you integrate to life on planet Earth if you are a Starseed, amplification of other healing techniques you may use.

It can help strengthen your intuition, minimize ego and strengthen perspective of your soul or large self, as well as assist with expansion in business, careers or financial success. The energy works intelligently on what is most pressing for you energetically at this time.

Channelling, Card Readings and Intuitive Guidance

I have been in tune with my team much of my life. I have received messages of love, light and peace throughout her life. I also love the opportunity to share that with my clients.

During many sessions, I receive additional guidance that appear as images, words, symbols that she shares with you to bring additional meaning to your journey here or to assist you further in releasing stuck energy and self-healing.

I have a large variety of decks to choose from, as well as a none-traditional approach to card readings that vibes in alignment with your highest good and purpose in that moment.


Are you ready to live life more mindfully? See it from a bigger perspective? Stop sweating the small stuff? Awaken yourself more fully so you can feel better about your journey, more inner peace and inner calm?

By joining the Nourish Your Soul Daily Program, you will receive daily healing energy plus group guidance through channelled messages and a guidance card EVERY day of the month.

Every month, the group receives an energy clearing video for stuck energy patterns ready to clear and release.

Membership bonuses include:

Past Life Regression

  • Discounts on all of Dee's programs as a current member.
  • Direct interaction and on going support within the group

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Get Crystal Clear 

  • Free and fun surprises and gifts from Dee.

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Raising Your Vibe Tribe

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Infused Crystal Grids With Reiki and Arcturian Healing Light

Looking for something to connect with daily, to help you focus, help you feel aligned and expanded? I channel unconventional crystal grids. You can get them for various life aspects!  

Transformational Energy Shifting Vibe Video Clearings

Don't have time for one on one sessions or eager to work on your own with some guidance but you are ready to take action and do some inner work?

Video clearings are a fantastic way for you to do energy work from the comfort of your own home. I will create a private group on Facebook just for you and you can view the video however many times you feel you need to. They are more in depth clearings as we work together to find the root reason, cause, source, condition creating the energy vibe around your issue and then delete it Videos are yours to keep allowing you to access them as much as you wish and need.

We often have many layers of limiting thoughts/belief systems that can be released through one video as sometimes new stories come up. I believe that by giving ongoing access to the videos up, we clear the ones most prominent in our minds.

Arcturian Alignment Activation

This Activation Alignment – aligning yourself to your desire – not just a wish in your mind but energetically aligning you to this desire as well. The activation blasts energy through what I like to call, “energetic debris”, is like sandblasting that doesn't hurt releasing what is not necessary or residual energy from past lives.

This alignment activation clears away the “distractions” and helps guide you into “neutral”, so you can focus on what you DO WANT and helps you not get sidelined by the things you don't want. Your next step is to surrender yourself to this desire or wish - get really neutral and be in a place of "you are good to have it manifest in your life but also good if you don't"(b/c the universe & higher self always knows if there is something better so getting neutral keeps you in that magical space of powerful manifesting.

Allowing yourself to be neutral is your power point, so surrender. You will experience something but it is individual it could be a sensation, get an idea, receive a message in some way for what your next step to help you get more aligned with your desire and more aligned with it manifesting. It is up to you to tune in and act on it. You must take action that is part of our journey put it in motion not just dreaming the dream. Take action and then go back to intuition for the next step and so on.

Following the activation, I will receive, through channelling, an image of a crystal grid which will serve a few purposes for you to: 

1. Remind you of what you are choosing to activate.

2. Help hold space for you as you keep shifting into Alignment.

3. Amplify what you are choosing to activate.

4. You will receive a photo of the grid which will also be infused with the Arcturian Energy and Reiki energy as well. You can print, use as a back drop etc. as a reminder or you can rebuild if you have your own matching crystals.

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