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Frequently Asked Questions

On behalf of FROM THE GROUND UP, I welcome all your queries. This page is dedicated to answering all your frequently asked questions about my disciplines and/or my services. 

  • Q:  How long is a session with you?
  • A:  Sessions are a variety of lengths depending on what you book or what combinations of bookings you put together.  On average I would say 1-2 hours for most sessions.

Q:  Do I have to get changed for an in person Beyond Reiki session?

A:  No, in fact, where what is comfortable for you to lie in.  All, Beyond Reiki sessions involve only my hands hovering over the body or lightly cupping certain areas like the knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists, hands.

Q:  How much does a session cost?

A:  Sessions vary as do my packages.  Currently, depending on what you purchase and if it is a group program or individual program you can look at investing $22-100 Canadian into your self care.  The beautiful thing is all sessions always give you either some new "life tool box" tools to take well beyond that session, new perspectives, new aha's and healing the things that previously had you stuck.  

Q: I don't live in Canada, how can I work with you?

I use various technologies to connect with people around the world.  I have done remote work with people in the USA, Malaysia, Australia to name a few.  We can also connect through zoom links or on facebook for example.

Q:  What kind of payment do you accept?

A:  Paypal, etransfers within Canada, cheques/cash for local clients

Q:  If I am purchasing a large package, what are your payment plans?

A:  You can pay in full, or connect with me privately to arrange installments.  

Q:  What do people say about your work?

I have posted some testimonials on this site with the plan to add more.  If you have questions about that I am happy to share my growing collection of testimonials with you!

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